New collaborative study on the effects of Near Infrared Photobiomodulation in Parkinson’s disease

The Woods Neuromodulation Lab will participate in a new collaborative grant funded by a Parkinson’s Foundation Impact Award to test a novel, low-cost intervention for improving motor skills and cognition […]


New publication on acute effects of tDCS on functional connectivity of working memory networks in older adults

The Woods Lab recently published a new peer-reviewed article in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience on the acute impact of tDCS on working memory networks in older adults. The study found […]


Dr. Indahlastari receives NYC Neuromodulation & NANS Young Investigator Award

Dr. Aprinda Indahlastari received 2018 NYC Neuromodulation & NANS Young Investigator Award for her work in neuromodulation.  Dr. Indahlastari is in her second year as a post-doctoral fellow in the […]


Woods Lab publishes a new paper on the impact of tDCS on cognition in patients with gambling disorder

In collaboration with a team of researchers at Istanbul University in Turkey, the Woods Lab published a new paper on the effects of tDCS in patients with gambling disorder. Gambling […]


Woods Lab publishes new method for monitoring electrode accuracy in transcranial electrical stimulation

The Woods Lab recently published a novel method for monitoring electrode accuracy and drift in transcranial electrical stimulation techniques in Brain Stimulation. This approach integrates quick and easily acquired 3D […]


Woods Lab publishes new paper on physiological artifacts in EEG during tDCS

As part of a collaboration with Dr. Marom Bikson, Emily Kappenman and other experts in tDCS and EEG, this new publication in NeuroImage details inherent physiological artifacts generated in EEG […]

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Innovations in Neuromodulation and Aging

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Woods Lab Photo

The Woods Lab is 21 strong and growing!  We are currently recruiting 1 new post-doctoral fellow and 2 new research coordinators to work on newly funded NIH studies. As the […]

Dr. Woods to present on transcranial electrical stimulation at Florida Society for Neurology

Dr. Woods will present a lecture to the Florida Society of Neurology on Transcranial Electrical Stimulation on Saturday October 29th. This lecture will describe the utility of tES methods in […]

Dr. Woods publishes first comprehensive textbook on tDCS

Dr. Woods, along with Drs. Helena Knotkova, Michael Nitsche, and Marom Bikson, recently published the first comprehensive textbook on transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). This book provides a comprehensive overview on […]