Post-Doctoral Position Available

Published: September 20th, 2018

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The Woods Lab is searching for a highly qualified post-doctoral associate candidate to join the research team of to study the benefits of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) for enhancing cognitive training effects in older adults. The Woods lab focuses on discovering and implementing novel interventions aimed at combating cognitive aging and slowing the onset of dementia in older adults, with a special interest in understanding the neural mechanisms of intervention effects. This position will work on Dr. Woods National Institute on Aging (NIA) funded clinical trials using transcranial direct current stimulation paired with cognitive training. The ACT study (R01) is a Phase III randomized clinical trial, while the Stimulated Brain study (K01) is a phase II Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT). These studies use comprehensive neurocognitive assessment and multimodal neuroimaging/spectroscopy to investigate the impact of tDCS and cognitive training on the brain and cognitive function in older adults. In addition, the candidate will gain extensive experience in advance multimodal neuroimaging (fMRI, DWI, 31P & 1H MRS, FLAIR) and other non-invasive intervention methods (tACS, TMS, NIR stimulation, intermittent hypoxia, etc.).

The post-doctoral trainee will have the opportunity to learn or enhance their skills in 1) multimodal neuroimaging/spectroscopy [including structural (T1, DWI and FLAIR), functional MRI (active and resting BOLD), and 31P and 1H magnetic resonance spectroscopy], 2) neurocognitive assessment, 3) non-invasive brain stimulation (tDCS/tACS/TMS/NIR/IH), and/or clinical trials. In addition, the post-doctoral associate will have the opportunity to develop his or her own novel tDCS based research projects. Dr. Woods’ lab consists of 7 full time research coordinators, 6 graduate students, 2 post-doctoral fellows, 4 undergraduate RAs and administrative staff. Dr. Woods’ lab maintains a 1000 square foot research space with dedicated parking. This facility houses Dr. Woods’ electrophysiology lab, tDCS lab, TMS lab, and 5 dedicated testing rooms in the McKnight Brain Institute. The lab is directly adjacent to both 3T research MRI systems (Siemens Prisma and Philips Achieva).

The position will involve conducting assessment and intervention visits on intervention studies, analyzing data (neuroimaging and behavioral), supervision of graduate students and staff, and writing manuscripts and grants. The post-doctoral associate is expected to possess good written and oral English language skills to present research updates at weekly lab meetings, seminars and conferences as well as to assist in writing manuscripts and grants related to the project.

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