Woods Lab publishes new method for monitoring electrode accuracy in transcranial electrical stimulation

Published: October 29th, 2018

Category: News

The Woods Lab recently published a novel method for monitoring electrode accuracy and drift in transcranial electrical stimulation techniques in Brain Stimulation. This approach integrates quick and easily acquired 3D modeling of electrode placement for conventional tES electrodes with computational approaches for calculating the difference between ideal placement of electrodes vs. actual placement of electrodes by interventionists.  This approach provides a method for providing feedback to interventionists performing tES in trials, as well as a technique for quantifying accuracy of electrode placement – a valuable tool for accounting for variation in the rigor of methodology in statistical analyses. This technique may provide a strong tool for tES clinical trials for both quality control and accounting for variability inherent in manually applied electrodes – a common factor in all conventional tES studies.

Citation: Indahlastari A, Albizu A, Nissim N, Traeger K, O’Shea A, Woods AJ. Methods to monitor accurate and consistent electrode placements in conventional transcranial electrical stimulation. Brain Stimulation. Accepted October 2018.Impact Factor: 6.078.