Danielle Guess, B.S.


Danielle Guess

Research Coordinator

BS, Psychology, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

E-mail:   dguess@ufl.edu

Primary Appointment:

Woods Neuromodulation Lab
Center for Cognitive Aging and Memory
Department of Clinical and Health Psychology
College of Public Health and Health Professions
University of Florida

Professional Interests

Danielle joined the Woods Lab in the summer of 2019 as a Research Coordinator for the EXCITE Study and ACTIVE MIND Study. As part of the assessment team, Danielle’s responsibilities include recruitment, administration of neuroimaging and neuropsychological assessments to participants, and analysis of cognitive data. As an undergraduate, Danielle was a Research Assistant and Undergraduate Lab Manager in Dr. Colin Tucker Smith’s Attitudes and Political Cognition (APC) Lab. Danielle was also a Research Assistant in Dr. Kate Ratliff’s Attitudes and Social Cognition (ASC) Lab. Both the APC and ASC Lab use implicit and explicit attitudes to predict behaviors, as well as understanding how to change implicit attitudes and improve implicit measures. Danielle ultimately aspires to combine her interests in Social Psychology and Neuroscience by pursuing a joint PhD in both areas, researching how our understanding of social behavior can be expanded when we consider neural and physiological responses, what the actual biological systems are that implement social behavior, and how biological systems are impacted by social processes.

Publications & Presentations


Guess, D., Douglas, S. B., & Smith, C. T. October 2018. Beyond political party: How perceived capability, experience, and trustworthiness impact voting likelihood for Hillary Clinton. Poster presented at the Society of Southeastern Social Psychologists Annual Meeting, Raleigh, NC.

Irving, L.H., Guess, D., & Smith, C.T. October 2018. Gender-Career IAT predicts relevant state-level outcomes. Poster presented at the Society of Southeastern Social Psychologists Annual Meeting, Raleigh, NC.