Ayden Dunn


Ayden Dunn


Major(s): Biotechnology & Computer Science

Email: aydendunn@ufl.edu

Primary Appointment:

Woods Lab, Center for Cognitive Aging and Memory
Department of Clinical and Health Psychology
College of Public Health and Health Professions
University of Florida

Professional Interests

Ayden is an undergraduate student at the University of Florida in conjunction with volunteering at the Woods lab. As a volunteer, Ayden has undergone training to analyze and segment brain structures in order to better visualize electrical routing in tDCS studies. His research interests involve identifying the underlying mechanism tDCS incurs when used to improve cognitive functioning following fronto-parietal stimulation. Ayden is working towards further involvement in the ACT and Stimulated Brain studies.

Honors and Awards

Recipient of the AICE Diploma with Distinction

Recipient of the AP Scholar award with Distinction

Literature Pathfinder scholarship nominee