The Efficient Brain Study

The Efficient Brain Study is an industry funded Phase II clinical trial investigating the impact of Fermented Papaya Product (FPP) on brain mitochondrial function, neuroinflammation, and cognitive function in older adults. Funded by Osato, Japan, this trial is the first to investigate direct brain effects of FPP in humans. Prior research on FPP suggests that this nutraceutical may decrease systemic inflammation and alter a variety of human health factors. Using proton and phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1H & 31P), diffusion weighted imaging, functional magnetic resonance imaging and comprehensive cognitive assessment, this cross-over clinical trial investigates whether an 8 week administration of FPP vs. placebo can increase mitochondrial function (31P ATP markers), decrease neuroinflammation and systemic inflammation (free-water from diffusion, moo-inositol and choline from 1H MRS, blood markers), and improve cognitive function in a group of 30 older adults.  If successful, this study will provide evidence supporting an important non-invasive method for improving cognitive and brain health.



Funding Source: 

Osato, Japan